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Here's how the big boys do it.

Cash Flow, Reports, Analysis, Tax

Big business has one big advantage over small business. They have four departments that record, analyze and strategize business results. That keeps the business and decision makers on track. These four critical departments aren't part of sales or operation.

They have nothing to do with you working IN your business.

They have everything to do with you working ON your business.

Accounting, Treasury, CFO, Tax Dept

You may not be able to afford your own accounting, treasury, CFO and tax department, but you can still put high-level expertise to work for you!

Diane Kennedy

My name is Diane Kennedy. I'm a CPA, Tax Strategist, Business Owner, Investor and Best-selling Author. I've worked as a tax consultant for businesses and their owners for 30 years. I have helped individuals save tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. I love helping happy clients put more money in their pockets.

But sometimes I can't help people. You see, in order to have a tax saving strategy, I need to know their numbers. I need financial information.

Warren Buffet says, "The language of business is accounting."

If I don't have your accounting reports, I can't strategize about your business and its taxes.

Finally, after years of requests from my clients who were desperate for affordable, competent bookkeeping support, I started a virtual bookkeeping company, Cash Flow Accounting.

Cash Flow Accounting

I want to let you in on a little secret. Providing fast, accurate and affordable bookkeeping only solved half the problem. Accounting turns activities into a report. If all you're doing with that report is using it to pay less in taxes, you're missing out on the real power of your financial statements.

It's not your fault.

You, like most small business owners, have probably never been trained in the true Activity-Report-Activity cycle! And that means you lose money every single day.

If you need a better support team, there are three ways we can help you:

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The Secret to Your Best Business Month Ever

I want to tell you a real-life story about a highly trained professional who made good money. But as her business grew, she felt a lot of extra stress, had days when she didn't have enough cash to pay the bills and actually had LESS profit. Her business was growing, but she worked harder then ever before and was making less money.

Two Hours Changed Her Business Life

She had a service-based company with employees. When the company was small, she could keep all the figures in her head. But as her business grew it reached the point where she couldn't keep track of it all. She realized the importance of bookkeeping and had that function done for her, but she never took the time to interpret what the financial statements meant.

Two of our Cash Flow Accounting accountants, Vincent and Adriana, and I sat down one Friday afternoon and decided to show her what could be.

We had one premise: If she'd done it once, she could do it again.

Here's what that means.

We looked through the months of financial statements for the key lever points in her financial statements.

Where had she been the best at converting income into cash?

Where had her group of professionals provide the best service for the lowest cost?

Where did she have the best control of her monthly expenses?

From those we picked representatives of the best for each category. Since we can produce 'common size' financial statements with Cash Flow Accounting, it makes this type of analysis much quicker and easier.

Common size is a CFO term that refers to a way of looking at your financial information in terms of percentages and per unit costs, instead of just straight profit and loss numbers. It makes trend analysis much easier and more meaningful.

What we did was really pretty simple actually. We looked for:

We plugged those percentages into the trend analysis program.

And then we ran her last month as if it had been her best month.

She had over 50% more profit and she had almost triple the amount of cash flow. In her case, that meant she had $50,000 more profit in that month and she had over $100,000 more in cash flow.

What was the secret?

There really wasn't any secret. She did it once, and that meant she could do it again. We simply identified when the best had occurred in pieces and put the pieces all together.

Then, together with our client we went through exactly what activities gave her those good results. That's the second part of the analysis identify activities that gave you good results in the past. Then combine them to get back to those great results all occurring at once. That's how you create your business's best month ever!

What do you think? If it was you, would you be willing to do a little more analysis and have more thinking time to bring in $50,000 more profit and $100,000 more in cash flow? Would it be worth it to you?

Of course, your results will definitely be different. That's because your business is different. Your past results are different and that means the assumptions we make about your future business will be different.

The Activity-Report-Activity cycle is:

Activities, Report, Activities

Accountants turn activities into a report.

CFOs turn that report into activities.

That's two of the four departments that help a big business. The other two are critical as well: Treasury & Tax.

The Treasurer watches the cash flow. Most small businesses combine this function with the CFO function. That means your CFO or virtual CFO will track trends in both profit and cash. That analysis leads to suggested action steps and activities and strategies for their implementation.

Tax Strategist

Your Tax Strategist creates tax strategies and then helps you implement them. The third stage is the preparation of your tax return, to make sure you're accurately recording the strategy and reducing your chance of unnecessary tax audit.

Could you use the special advantage of big business owners with your small business? We're ready to be your advisors!

Give us a call at 888-592-4769 or contact us through the following:

These are individual, one-on-one services that will be provided to you, your business and your staff. It's not one-size-fits-all. It's specifically for you, your goals and your business.

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